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 let start the show

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two bit

two bit

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PostSubject: let start the show   Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:54 am

The music starts
twobit walking to the ring and grab one mic
twobit:the best is here two in one, I am a new Unknown rising star in this fed.I start at the bottom and in no time you will see me with a belt around my waist so I'm issuing a challenge to the lockroom a best man challenge.
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PostSubject: Re: let start the show   Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:04 am

Announcer 1: I hope that kid knows what hes saying because when i wrestled the freshmen in the locker room would get knocked out by a major superstar

Stricken by Disturbed starts Playing

Crowd Explodes with Cheers and Excitment Because They Know who is coming next

Annuncer2: you mean like this

Annoncer1: Is it, look out its the Texas Machine Tank and it looks like hes got something to say

Tank walks up to the center of the ring and stands about an intamdating 2 feet taller over twobit

Tank: Hey man who do you think you are issuing an open challenge like that to the whole locker room you never thought about the conciquinces did ya?

Twobit: hey man take it easy its not like I was say im better than...
Tank Interupts

Tank: Shadup cause you wanna make a name for yoursel try puting your money where your mouth is because im gonna knock it right off you face!!! Can You Dig IT?

Announcer1: where I come From those are Fighting words

(Twobit this is where you come in)
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let start the show
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