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 Show of a life time.

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PostSubject: Show of a life time.   Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:52 am

--The scene cuts to show Vector X in his office, watching X-Hibition.--
Vector X: "Wow! This show is awesome! There's some guy that looks like me, and he's watching tv."
--Vector X sees a guy walk onto the screen in the room, as Two-Bit, a wrestler, enters the room.--
Vector X: "Oh, no! Some loser just walked into that guy's room."
--Two-Bit taps Vector on his shoulders, as the same thing happens on the tv.--
Vector X: "What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy watching X-Hibition?"
--Vector starts watching the tv, again. He sees that the "loser" is still behind the guy on the show.--
Vector X:"God! I wish that loser would go away."
--Two-Bit gets angry.--
Two-Bit: "Are you that dumb? Hello, this is a segment, meaning that what you're watching an X-Hibition is happening in this room."
Vector: "So, that must mean that I'm a tv star. I always knew I would be."
--Vector begins watching to again, completely ignoring Two-Bit.--

Two-Bit: "Come on, you stupid idiot! Stop watching tv, and listen to me, you stupid freaking child!"
--Vector X pauses for a second,and spins around with a haymaker, Two-Bit flying backwards into a wall.--
Vector X: "The last person who called me a child is dead, Two-Bit.--
--Two-Bit gets in a curled position, while backing away from Vector.--
Vector X: "There's a time for seriousness, and there's a time for play. I am serious when I have to be, and not serious when I don't have to be. So, why have you even disturbed me?"
Two-Bit: "I...I...I just... want...wanted a match."
--Vector X grabs a peice of paper, writes down some stuff, and stops and turns towards Two-Bit.--
Vector X: "There, you've got a match tonight with The Hitman Chirs. Be prepared."
--Vector X jumps at Two-Bit, and says "boo", and Two-Bit runs off. Vector X is laughing, as the scene ends.--
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Show of a life time.
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