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 Its Time To Stop This Show

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VGM The Show Stopper

VGM The Show Stopper

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PostSubject: Its Time To Stop This Show   Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:37 am

-- The camera shows Jon Thomason and Matt Hammond, on their commentary table, talking about the show --

Jon Thamoson: Look, our GM, Vector X is on the ring, look to all of that decoration, do we gonna have a party?

Matt Hammond: I hope yes Jon, i think we got a huge announcement here tonight, live at x-effect !

-- The camera fades in, and shows the GM Vector X in the ring, he asks for a mic, and the camera shows a table, with two chairs, some decoration, withs ballons and things like, pappers, pencils and things like, GM Vector X get the mic and sits on one of the chairs, with the mic in his mouth, the starts speaking to the public --

Vector X : First of all, who in the hell could live in this garbage city? It stinks!

- crowd boo's loud --

Jon Thomason: Ohh, c'mon, do your thing, what do you want?

Matt Hammond: He is the GM Jon, he can do whatever he wants...

Vector X : Anyway poor people, your Neanderthals minds can't figure out whats going on? I'm here to make a announcement, I have a major signing for MY show.

-- Crowd looks surprised, but, boo's anyway --

Jon Thomason: What? He has a major signing? Who is?

Matt Hammond: He must be kidding... but anyway, who can be the guy?

Vector X : C'mon ! I know your guys gonna like him ! Its a gift for you ladies and gentlemen... we needed a guy, who can make impact, who popular, and who can be the Face of my show, so tonight, i give you ladies and gentlemen...

-- The fans stop booing him, and looks curious, waiting for the announcement --

Jon Thomason: Say it! I can't stand it anymore !


Jon Thomason : WHAT !?!? WHAT?!?

Matt Hammond : NO, NO WAY!!

-- The Crowd goes wild, chating so high that, almost making the arena shake, as the spearkers explodes, playing Confratation by Step, and a huge scream can be heard in the arena * FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHHHHT! * and a titantron appears with The Show Stopper name, and huge's Firework's exploding at the arena stage, while smoke is forming at the gate, where The Show Stopper appears, with his opens arms, making his signature taunt, as the fans go wild, with deafening screams and chants, fans who bring white posters, and pens to write the same time, starts showing a series of posters writed "TSS Fan" "Finnaly He is here" "The Show Time" --

Jon Thomason: WHAT THE HELL !! TSS! THE SHOW STOPPER, IS HERE, AT X-Effect Wrestling!!


-- TSS makes his way to the ramp, with taunts, he stop at the ramp to send kisses to the girls, and he 'high five' everyone down on the barricade, makes his way for the steel steps, climbing, with hands taunts to the arena, as the fans are wild, with the announcement --

Jon Thomason: I'm shocked ! I can't believe TSS is here, i knewed he quitted his former fed, but wow, i did'n know he was going to join x-effect!

Matt Hammond: Yeah, and after this one, i can tell you, X- effect is one step closer to the sucess!

-- TSS sits on the other chair, as he picks the contract, reading it, with a mic in his hands, he starts to speaking, waiting the crowd calm down --

The Show Stopper: Wow...what a reception i got here huh? So... that means you guys know who i'm?

-- Crowd chants, with "HELL YEAH" chants --

The Show Stopper: C'mon, i did'n heard anything, can you guys tell me louder?!

-- Crowd chants even louder "HELL YEAH" to TSS --

The Show Stopper: Hell yeah ! Thats what i wanted to hear !

-- TSS Looks to Vector X eyes with a defiant face --

The Show Stopper: And Vector... i have to desagree with your man...this city, is GREAT !

-- Crowd chants TSS name --

The Show Stopper: Yeah, i mean, they are chating my name, why they would suck Vector? I mean, as much as you, is impossible!

-- Crowd laughs and chants Vector sucks --

Vector X : Watch your mouth kid, or i can...

-- Tss Interrupts him --

The Show Stopper: NO, i won't do ANYTHING Vector, 'cause YOU need me here ! I mean, this people wants to see TSS kickin' everyone butt's around X-effect, right ?!

-- Crowd Chants louder --

The Show Stopper: Well, let me sign this...

-- TSS takes the pen and signs the Contract --

The Show Stopper: Wow, at least Vector, this is the best contract i ever seem, thats the least you can do, for ANYONE who will work for you...

-- Crowd laughs --

Jon Thomason: Wow, TSS is know officialy on X-effect roster!

The Show Stopper: Anyway, thats is all i have to do, know i'm going to my locker room, and, wish luck, to my first opponent, he will really, need it... cause...

The Show Stopper & Crowd:

-- TSS get out of the ring, as the camera fades --
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Its Time To Stop This Show
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