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 The Show Stopper Gimmick

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VGM The Show Stopper


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PostSubject: The Show Stopper Gimmick   Sun Nov 15, 2009 10:27 pm

The Show Stopper


São Paulo,Brazil

6 foot 4


256 Pounds

Face or Heel


Black hair, jaw high, no shirt, 2 elbows and wrist protections and a black and yellow shorts


a young superstar, determined, wants to prove his in-ring ability, and his great Mic-skills to all the fans.


Horns Of The Punisher
The Show Time
Stopper Slam

Signature Moves

Punisher Double Powerbomb
Punisher Back Cracker
Punisher Skytwister Press

The Punisher
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The Show Stopper Gimmick
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