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 Can you stop the rolling rock?

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Syndro Sanders

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Can you stop the rolling rock? Empty
PostSubject: Can you stop the rolling rock?   Can you stop the rolling rock? EmptyWed Nov 25, 2009 8:26 pm

--The crowd starts booing when 'Somewhere i belong' by Linkin Park hits the P.A. System while Syndro Sanders is standing under the Torture Night Tron. He wears a blue t-shirt with a black Dream Catcher on it. He smiles when he looks at his Dream Catcher in his hand, then he moves forward to the ring while starring into the crowd. He walks to the announcer table to grab a mic, then he enters the ring with an optimistic smile.--
Syndro Sanders: "I have heared that i am in the Battlers Brawl, for a title shot of course."
--Fans starting to chant 'We want Manson'--
Syndro Sanders: "You want Manson?! Well, i'll make sure you see him the last time tonight, trust me."
--Fans are booing loudly--
Syndro Sanders: "Well, let me come to the important things now, like business. This is my first title shot and, not surprising, my first match for XEW. See, i don't even have to wrestle to impress, i am already awesome when i am talking."
--A murmur goes through the seat rows--
Syndro Sanders: "That's why i won't stop talking now, just to show you my awesomeness, so show some respect. As i said last week, my dream will finalize in XEW, and today the fulfillment will start, by winning this brawl and getting the title shot. And, as is said last week, beware yourself when you get in the haircross of my dream. The Nightmare has already began. It's like a huge rock, when it starts to roll you can't stop it again, and if you stay in his way, you are almost lost, to say it in a nice way. Keep this metaphor in your minds, and remember of it when you see me."
--Syndro Sanders turns to the backstage area while pointing with his finger on it--
Syndro Sanders: "Manson, Eric and Galentio, are you able to stop this rock? If not, you already sealed your downfall by falling in this nightmare. See you out here in my haircross."
--Syndro Sanders smiles, drops the mic, starres into the crowd for a last time and leaves the arena--
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Can you stop the rolling rock?
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