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 Strong Konna's Gimmick

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Strong Konna

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Strong Konna's Gimmick Empty
PostSubject: Strong Konna's Gimmick   Strong Konna's Gimmick EmptyMon Nov 16, 2009 2:59 am

Wrestler name: Strong Konna

Home Town: Somewhere between the Kola Peninsula and the Black Sea.

Face or Heel: A heel to the heart.

Height: 5"11

Weight: 432 pounds

Entrance music: Nothing but the thunder from his footsteps.

History: Born in the outskirts of Soviet Russia, when it still was Soviet, Strong Konna was destined to become the ultimate wrestling machine for the Olympic team of the Soviet Union. They started feeding him steroids from when he was a baby, which seems to have left him with a few loose screws in his head in addition to the other effects. Now, not having a place to return to, Strong Konna is still doing what he knows best: cracking people's skulls open for the enjoyment of others. And it's not only the audience that's enjoying: this mean bastard gets sadistic pleasure from hurting other people, it's just that pro wrestling seems to get him a couple extra bucks for the effort.

Appearance: This mad Konna wears only shoes and his red shorts with black stripes on the sides when he's in the ring. He has short blond hair, a couple of scars on his face and a huge nose that seems to have broken long ago.

Attitude: An evil bastard that will make his federation regret that they ever hired him.
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Jason Campbell

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PostSubject: Re: Strong Konna's Gimmick   Strong Konna's Gimmick EmptyMon Nov 16, 2009 3:03 am

Welcome aboard, sounds like you and Mr. Melokoloids shall get along fine, both Soviet Nationalists Razz , well i sorta' made him like that but you know, you'll enjoy this federation Smile
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Strong Konna's Gimmick
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