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 Shawn Morgan

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Shawn Morgan

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PostSubject: Shawn Morgan   Shawn Morgan EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 10:40 pm


Shawn Morgan gets out of the looker room with an agry look on is face, and spots a backstage worker...

Shawn Morgan: Oi. Do you work here boy?He doesn't let the other person answer.Were is my beer? How do you expect me to have a decent fight wenn i'm dirsty?!!!

Backstage worker: Excuse me sir, i have no idea about what you are talking about, i'm a sound Technitian and...

As Torture nights GM Eric was passing by and noticed Shawn Morgan's tone of voice, e decided to check out what was goin on.

Eric: Is there a problem here?

As soon as Eric get's there the backstage worker notices a chance to leave and does it very fast. Shawn morgan turns to Eric.

Shawn Morgan: Who the hell are you? Whait, don't bother answering. I'm not seeing any beer or beer pack in your hands so i don't really give a damn about who you are, so get the hell out of my way, i'm dirsty and i'm having a fight tonight.

Shawn Morgan starts moving away, but Eric was having none of that and grabs Shawn's arm. Shawn stops and looks down at the hand it was grabing him.

Shawn Morgan: You better let go or your *** is the first one i'm going to kick here.

Eric: First, you're not going no where, and second kicking my *** would prove to be a bad carrer choise for you, now tell what is going on hier damn it.

Shawn Morgan turns slowly and looks in Erics eyes.

Shawn Morgan: Where is my Beer?

Eric: Is that all? I'll get you your damn beer, and i hope you are worth the trouble, cause if your not, your drunk *** is out the door.

Shawn Morgan: Just make sure the beer keeps coming, and believe me that i'll give you some decent whooping out there.

Shawn turns and walks in to the looker room
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Shawn Morgan
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