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 The Electrode, The Livewire , The Exception - Jason Campbell.

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Jason Campbell

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PostSubject: The Electrode, The Livewire , The Exception - Jason Campbell.   Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:17 am

Name: Jason Campbell

Height: 5ft 8Ins

Weight: 205 pounds.

Disposition: Face ( Good Guy Razz ).

Home Town: Co. Donegal , Ireland.

Attitude: Down to Earth, happy, friendly, helpful man, he is good friends with Maverick, and if any forces are against the Federation will fight against them.

Story: He was born in post civil war Ireland, to an Irish Mother and Israeli Father, he was living in Dublin and every night Irish Nationalists raided his house looking for his father, and in this time he found natural fighting skills, fending these men off, these skills would help him in later life.When he was 15 he moved to former Soviet bases in Kursk, Russia, and trained with the Spetsnaz, he then got a phone call from England saying he had to come home, he didn't listen and lay low for a while and moved to Mexico, and trained in MMA he got good and fought on the under-card of many high-profile fighters, and eventually, even though he was unbeaten, knew his skill could be channelled better into something else, he got injured whilst traning for his first professional Wrestling Match, performing a Moonsault and his trainer moving at the last minute. He was stuck in hospital for 2 months, covered in electrodes, this was how he got his nicknames.
He recovered and moved to ATPW, where he quickly became a fan favourite, facing off againt The Hitman and Frozen King at Crossfire (PPV), the next season he won the Intercontinental Title from Dr. Thrax, he faced off against Frozen King at 'No Limits' (PPV), in a Champ or Chucked Match, he won Frozen King left and he found out his real father and mother were alive and needed a break. He wasn't granted this so took matters into his own hands, he got injured again...left ATPW and missed its biggest PPV (Pain Overdose) and now had a chance to move on in his X-Effect.

Appearance: Black trousers with lightning bolts down the sides, the Livewire T-Shirt and black and yellow tape wrapped around his wrists. He also has special Electrode, Livewire and Exception T-Shirts which i will upload when i can Wink .

Theme Song : Omen - Prodigy.
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PostSubject: Re: The Electrode, The Livewire , The Exception - Jason Campbell.   Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:33 am

nice to fianlly have you on board.... or when you get yuor contract, it will be.
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The Electrode, The Livewire , The Exception - Jason Campbell.
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