The Roster X-Effect-Wrestling, on the popular online game, known as the wrestling game.
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Welcome To X-Effect Wrestling!
Current Champs: World X Championship: Vacant, X-Hibition Championship: Punk Rock Mike, World of Torture Championship: Maverick, Easetrn Bloc Championship: Vacant, Suffering Championship: Jason Manson, Pain Championship: Vacant, Double Digit Championships: Vacant
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 X-Effect Info.

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Vector X: The Illustrious General Manager of the X-Effect Roster. He wears a black mask with an X over his face. He will rule X-Effect with an iron fist, and will always put his "Entertainment", before his roster's needs. Heel GM


Matt Hammond: An ex-MMA fighter, who quit MMA after being pronounced a lethal weapon, after breaking the neck of a MMA Legend. He is an 8th Degree Black belt in two forms of karate.
Jon Thomason: An ex-Legendary wrestler, who had to retire due to continous spine problems, causing him to retire. His last words in wrestling were "I'll be back. I'll never stay down from wrestling." He always hates the Heel wrestlers, and often likes to run his mouth to them.


Allysa Stone: Hot secretary who will do anything to get an interview that she needs.

Jeremy Hayton: Gothicish kinda interviewer, who could care less whether he got interviews or not.

World X-Championship: Main Championship for X-Effect.
X-Hibition Championship: Minor Championship for X-Effect.
Double Digit Championships: Tag Team titles for X-Effect.
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X-Effect Info.
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