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 X-Effect Intro

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PostSubject: X-Effect Intro   X-Effect Intro EmptyThu Nov 12, 2009 9:20 am

-- The scene cuts in from black to show a 2010 model Mustang convertible pulling up into the parking garage of the X-Dome. A valet walks up to the door of the mustang and opens it up. A man wearing all black, along with a black mask with an “X” over the front.--

Valet: “Hello, Mr. X. Are you ready for the very first showing of X-Effect?”

Vector X: “You’re a valet, not an interviewer, but do you think I wouldn’t be ready? It is finally my time to shine. Of course I’m ready.”

Valet: “Well, that is good to hear.”

Vector X: “Ok, so move out of my way. I’ve got 50,000 fans screaming my name.”

-- Vector X pushes the valet aside and begins to walk away.--

Valet: “Wait, Mr. X! What about your car? Aren’t you going to let me park it?”

Vector X: “Oops, I almost forgo. Here!”

--Vector X throws the valet his keys, and begins to walk away, until he is out of sight.--

Valet: “Wow! This car is pretty nice. I bet Vector wouldn’t mind if I take his car for a little test drive.”

--The valet opens the door, and gets inside. The interior of the car is pure leather, and a $50,000 stereo is installed.--

Valet: “This must’ve costed Vector a fortune. There’s no way I could ever afford this.”

--The valet sticks his key in the ignition, and as soon as he starts the car up, the camera angle changes to show the car from a distance, and the car explodes. The car is ablaze, as the scene cuts to show Vector X walking around backstage.--

Vector X: “Right on cue.”

-- A man runs from out of a locker room, wrapped in a towel, in a panic. It is Matt Hammond, one of X-Effect’s commentators.--

Matt: “What’s going on? Did I just hear an explosion??”

Vector X: “Huh, an explosion?

Matt: “Yeah, it sounded as if it came from the parking garage.”

Vector X: “It couldn’t have been. I just came from there.”

Matt: “Oh, ok. Well, my mind has been going crazy the past few days. Sorry about that.”

--Matt walks back into his locker room.--

Vector X: “Perfect. Now it’s time for more important business.”

Scene Ends
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X-Effect Intro
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