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 Match of the extremes

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Match of the extremes Empty
PostSubject: Match of the extremes   Match of the extremes EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 8:09 am

Ok, so this is how it goes :

There is going to be a steel cage on top of the ring, nothing that unusual, but then the entire ring will be suspended 20 feet in the air. There are no disqualifications, and the only way to win is to throw ur opponent over the cage, and whoever touched the ground first loses (just like the opposite of a steel cage match), and the door will be padlocked and unable to be opened until after the match. There will be special moves that only apply to steel cage matches in this match, like frog splash from the top of the cage. Another thing is that weapons are scattered all around the ring, so about a quarter of both of the wrestler's moves will be using a weapon. We can also add other moves that are unique to this type of match, i.e breaking the chain around the door and using it to strangle ur opponent. Also, in this match, even if one wrestler is knocked out cold, it keeps going.

I think this would be a great signature match for this fed, and i think it should be used only for the title matches of the major championships, and all of the title defenses will have to be in this match.
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GM Eric
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Match of the extremes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Match of the extremes   Match of the extremes EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 8:13 am

good match your the first to use it...good luck
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Match of the extremes
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