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 Extremist's Gimmick

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Extremist's Gimmick Empty
PostSubject: Extremist's Gimmick   Extremist's Gimmick EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 12:40 pm

Wrestler Name: Extremist

Home Town: Parts Unknown

Face or Heel: Face

Height: 6 feet 3 inches

Weight: 273 lbs

Catchphrase: "Get ready to be ELECTRIFIED!!!"

History: Extremist grew up as a tough boy on the streets that was disowned by his family because of how he seems to like taking huge risks and injuring himself, and as a proud family of seven with all of the other kids doing perfect in their lives, they could not bear with the fact that they had a seemingly stupid and injury prone child, so they kicked him out. Even though his parents and everyone else had thought he had brain damage or was just plain dumb, he knew inside that he was an intelligent kid and was probably smarter than all of his siblings combined, but inside he had always felt a burning desire to take risks and to win big, so he gathered up his smarts on the streets, and, always being a huge fan of wrestling, knew that it was his place to be, his destiny, and most of all he could feel something inside of him that told him one day, he would roll the dice with huge odds stacked against him and with everything on the line, and he would just pull out at the last second, and that this was the place that that would happen.

Appearance: Wears a large black T-shirt with a big red X at the front of it and short jeans, he is a Caucasian with black hair and is only a little bit more muscular than Randy Orton but has amazing strength.

Weapon of Choice: Steel Trash Can

Attitude: Is always pumping up the crowd to cheer for him and using his taunt the Electrify to do so, also he never backs down from a challenge.

Nicknames: "The Ultimate Risk-Taker"

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Extremist's Gimmick
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