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 Wrestlers Gimmicks

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PostSubject: Wrestlers Gimmicks   Wrestlers Gimmicks EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 10:20 am

Eric "The Beast" Thompson":
Wrestler Name: Eric "The Beast" Thompson
Home Town: Huntington, West Virginia
Face or Heel:face
Appearance:Spiked black Mohawk Black face paint going over my eyes and black baggy pants and shoes and one glove and two elbowpads
Description:Never backs down from anyone or anything and hates being told what to do, He is always after any title he can get.
Nicknames:The Beast

Two Bit:
Name :two bit
Hometown:USA CT
Class :Balanced
Alignment :Tweener
FINISHERS:T I P,Two Bit Twist Of Fate,F-2
TRADEMARKS:Modified Knee Stomp,Modified Pepsi Twist,Modified Samoan Drop
ENTRANCE:1. Before entrance: Coloured lights before (5)
2. Titan tron: Introduction Video (5)
5. Ring: Pyros at the four corners of the ring (4)

Punk Rock Mike:
Wrestler Name: Punk Rock Mike
Home Town: Boston, Massachusetts
Face or Heel: Face, but can play heel if needed.
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 240lbs
Appearance: Spiked black and green hair, black face paint on his eyes, comes to the ring wearing a t-shirt, leather vest, and fingerless gloves with black baggy jeans and old school chucks, always has his trusty kendo stick within arms' reach.
Description: A people's champion, always fights the for what he believes in and never backs down from a challenge, he will not stop until there is gold around his waist.

Wrestler Name: Will Make U Scream!
Home Town: Afghan Kush, GreenLand
Face or Heel: Face, but can play heel also.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185lbs
Finisher: Scream N Tap, Bb Bomb
Taunt: Get Ready
Trademark: Modified Reverse Figure 4, Modified Reverse Suplex, Modified Samoan Drop
Appearance: Braided black corn rolls with a durag,wearing a blue baggy , a tims and an ecko white T,
Description: The people's champion, he will make u scream!! he never backs down to a fight, and makes sure the gold stays by his side.

The Hitman Chris:
Wrestler Name: the hitman chirs
Home Town: st.Louis,Missouri
Face or Heel:face
Appearance:jacket what says hit for life on the back of it with long black pants with black and white gloves on and a mobster hat on that says hit for life on it
Description:quiet but in the ring he give all he got
Nicknames:hit-man from hell

Wrestler Name: Eclipse
Home Town: San Diego,California
Face or Heel: Face
Height: 6'2
Weight: 260lbs
Appearance: Wearing a pair of boxing shorts with a tank top and wearing bikers gloves
Description: Someone that wants to be champ and will do anything for it
Entrance: 1. Before entrance: Film Clip (2)
2. Titan tron: Spark shower over the Titan Tron (2)
3. Vehicle: Limousine with chaffeur (2)
4. Companion: Lover (2)
5. Ring: Spotlight on the center of the ring (1)

Shawn Morgan:
Shawn Morgan was born in Dublin, Ireland. He is a former rugby player, he was quite good at it but sadly he didn't found that sport intresting enough, he could not have a decent fight without getting expelled from the field! His parents send him to the USA to live with his family there, because they were sick and tired of seeing him getting drunck all the time, and the fights were getting worst.
In the USA Shawn Morgan studied and worked, he worked on his uncle pub, he helped as a barkeeper but also as a bouncer wenn some of the patrons decided to start a fight Shawn would be the first to jump into it. One day a promoter of a small local wrestling federation approached Shawn after he kicked a couple of trouble making drunks out of the the pub, and asked if he woul like to join is fed.
From that moment on and with the promisse of some great fights Shawn Morgan dedicated himself to wrestling, he climbed the ranks of his first federation, and soon was looking for more.
Shawn Morgan loves to drink and fight, and he is in the X-Effect-Wrestling to have some decent fighting so that he may enjoy some serious drinking!
Shawn Morgan is Neutral, sorry guys i don't make a good heel, and just find beeing a face boring.
(Deez Nutz that was long! Sorry guys, i hope that it explains my gimmick, and if someone as any doubts, please just ask, i will be glad to answer you.)

Jason Manson:
Wrestlers Name: Jason Manson
Nicknames: Mr. Metalhead, or The Metallic Maniac
Face or Heel: Heel, but if its needed i can go face
Height: 5" 11"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Appearence: Black baggy denim jeans, tight blck undershirt, a black or camo kilt, long brown dreadlocks and a small bit of facial hair, black sneackers and wristbands (He is caucasian)
Gimmick: Manson comes from a bloodline of angry people. He was not abused by his parents but him and his father both had sudden spikes of rage and fury. These instincts bred in to him had caused some problems for him growing up. Jason had been expelled from 3 different schools by the time he was in 2nd grade. His father, seeing his son's likeness to his own affliction, taught his son where, when, and why to control and release his anger. Now, by the time Manson was in 10th grade (being able to stay in the same school district for 7 years), he didn't want to control his anger anymore, but his father forced him to keep his anger under control. By having to keep his emotions hidden Jason gradually slipped from his sanity and became clinically insane by the time he was 19. While he was in the mental ward, they allowed their patients to watch television, and by some chance, Manson's T.V. was left on a wrestling show. This wrestling show let loose some of Manson's anger allowing him to gain some of his sanity back. When doctors tested him to see his condition, they found a normal, pleasent man, on the outside.On the inside he was still angry, but the doctors seeing his O.K. side, let him free. Manson left the ward, using some of his newfound sanity, trying to find a place where he could release more of his anger, but in a more physical manner. Manson had taken up wrestling and with 2 years of wrestling experience, he found his way to X-Effect Wrestling!
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Wrestlers Gimmicks
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