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***Amidi's Entrance***

Amidi waits in the center of the ring for his opponent, anxious to get the bout under way. The announcer lifts her microphone to make the next introduction, but no sound comes out. Puzzled, she taps the microphone twice and then tries again, but her voice is not carried over the PA. Amidi lets out a chuckle and playfully shrugs at the fans, while the announcer approaches the ropes to ask for another microphone. Suddenly, the house lights grow dim and a haze of crimson and amaranthine colors descend upon the crowd.

Reverend Roman Synn calmly makes his way out on the entrance ramp, a microphone held tightly in his right hand. He unleashes his lunatic grin at the screaming ATF fans, then slowly lifts the microphone to his scarred lips.

Reverend Synn: "Do not worry about further screeching, you contemptuous harpy. Leave, I shall take it from here."

He points at the announcer and makes an impatient shooing motion, casting her out from the ring. Once she's gone, he turns his full attention to Amidi.

Reverend Synn: "Now, my dear Amidi, we are alone at last. It has been quite some time, yes?"

Amidi scowls at the foul Reverend, even as Roman takes several methodic steps down the steel ramp.

Reverend Synn: "Your scars call to me, Amidi. They insist that you have not forgotten our time together; many encounters that have left badges of permanence etched upon your flesh. That is good, for a suicidal jester such as yourself should not be afraid to proclaim their doom for all men to witness. And doom, Amidi, is surely what awaits you in the darkness here tonight."

Roman stops midramp, then points two out-stretched fingers from his left hand at the ring.

Reverend Synn: "Your opponent this evening hails from the deepest trenches of yesterday's immolation. Here to bring pain and devastation back into your foolish world..."

Duality by Slipnot cues, bringing the twisted and disturbed ATF fans to their feets in a frenzy of adulation.

Reverend Synn: " the price of your fragile soul! The one, the only, the cruiserweight menace - SITRI!"

Sitri tosses aside the heavy black dividing curtain and stomps toward the ring, never taking his eyes off his intended victim. The crimson spotlights trace his path as he reaches the end of the ramp, then hold on him as he reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. He holds it aloft, to the further screams of the ATFers in the audience, and then points it at Amidi, who yells for Sitri to bring it on.

Sitri snarls, tosses the chair aside, then deftly slides into the ring. The referee quickly calls for the opening bell.
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