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 For the World X Title!

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Jazz Eagle

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For the World X Title! Empty
PostSubject: For the World X Title!   For the World X Title! EmptyFri Dec 11, 2009 6:34 am

--"Final Moment" by The Veer Union begins playing as Jazz Eagle makes his way to the ring. Two Pyrotechnics red and blue, blow at each corner of the ring.--

Jazz Eagle: Firstly, good night fans! Enjoy this show tonight!

--The crowd cheers loudly--

Jazz Eagle: I, how you peopleo know... Eric Thompson lost last week against me... I told you Eric, I will destroy everybody to get on the top! Everybody!

--The Crowd Screams! Eagle! Eagle! Eagle!

Jazz Eagle: One wrestler is out... Now I'm looking the World X Championship...

--The crowd goes crazy!--

Jazz Eagle: I don't know who I must defeat... but it's better the wrestler starts to pray... because when I find you, it gonna be your final moment!

--the audience screams: Jazz Eagle! Jazz Eagle!

Matt hammond: He looks very confident about this Tom...

Jon Thomason: Yeah... He is very determinated to conquest the World X Champion Title... It's the spirit of a wrestlers, determination.

Matt Hammond: What a beautiful philosophy Jon... Hey! A masked guy appeared from the middle of the audience, holding a hammer! He went up the ring and hit Jazz Eagle's back!

--The Crowd boos--

--Jazz Eagle stayied on the mat while the masked man take the mic from Jazz Eagle's hand--

Masked Man: Before you get the title... You must defeat me!

--Straight Outta Hell by Agent 51 plays through the loudspeakers and the crowd goes insane. Punk Rock Mike, comes from the back with his trusty kendo stick in tow and makes his way down to the ring--

--The crowd screams madly!--

--Punk Rock Mike shakes his kendo stick hitting the masked man on the head!--

--Jazz Eagle picks up the Masked Man's arm while he's laying on his back and then capsizes his rival's body while pulling his arm, submitting him with a strong The Final Moment!!--

Punk Rock Mike: Let's see who is the Masked Man!

Matt Hammond: What a amazing night fans of wrestling... Punk Rock Mike appeared to help his tag partner and now He is taking off the mask from the mistery man... OH GOD! Is the Galentio!

--Jazz Eagle releases Galentio, who ran out the ring.

--The GM Vector X appeared on the stage--

Vector X: good Night Everyone! I just want to say that how Galentio made an attack against Jazz Eagle, I decided Galentio is now his opponent in the title match, tonight!

--The crowd cheers--

--Jazz Eagle thanks Punk Rock Mike--

--Jazz Eagle and Punk Rock Mike make their taunts and walk back to backstage while the crowd screams and cheers--
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JayZon "Overkill"


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For the World X Title! Empty
PostSubject: Re: For the World X Title!   For the World X Title! EmptyFri Dec 11, 2009 9:59 pm

Good RP buddy.. Very Happy But red is my colour
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For the World X Title!
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