The Roster X-Effect-Wrestling, on the popular online game, known as the wrestling game.
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Welcome To X-Effect Wrestling!
Current Champs: World X Championship: Vacant, X-Hibition Championship: Punk Rock Mike, World of Torture Championship: Maverick, Easetrn Bloc Championship: Vacant, Suffering Championship: Jason Manson, Pain Championship: Vacant, Double Digit Championships: Vacant
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 Welcome to X-Effect

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First of all, welcome to the new guys! If you haven't done so, please register in the roster forum with your wrestler's name and then PM me so I can give you full access. When you get full access, read Rules And Regulations and all announcements (you don't have to read all our posts, just the ones marked as announcements)! If you have any problems registering or loging on, please PM me!

About contract extensions. All expired contracts will be renewed after the season ends! If your contract expires before the end of the season DO NOT DELETE IT! You will still be in the roster and in the shows and get the money even though it has expired. If I am satisfied with your performance, you will get a new one during the week off! Once you receive your new contract you got 3 days to sign it! If you do not sign it in 3 days, I will give it away! If you will not be able to log on during that time, let me know so I don't delete your old contract until you will!

If you decide to restart, please wait till the end of the season, especially if you are in a feud!

All RPs for the show will go through our VGMs for editing and approval, so if you have any questions or need help, ask them.

One more thing for the new guys, every time you see a title that says "FED MAIL! Please read!" it means I've sent a message to the whole roster so if it doesn't concern you, you don't need to answer it!

Thank you for your time!

Please register on forum with your wrestlers name so I will know who is who! If you registered with another name, you can change it in User Control Panel.

That's it for now. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Thank you for joining my roster!
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Welcome to X-Effect
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