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 Jazz Eagle Gimmick!

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Jazz Eagle

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Jazz Eagle Gimmick! Empty
PostSubject: Jazz Eagle Gimmick!   Jazz Eagle Gimmick! EmptyMon Dec 07, 2009 11:09 am

Real name: Jason Espindola Johnson

Wrestler Name: Jazz Eagle

Nickname: Might Eagle

HomeTown: Curitiba, Brazil

face or Heel: Face

Height: 1,85 m

Weight 92 Kg

Entrance Music: Final Moment - The Veer Union

Cathphrase: Start to pray, this is your final moment!

Appearance: Blue pants with black stripes; A wrestler mask, blue.

Tag Team: Punk Jazz

Stable: Black Dragon

Agony Of Defeat
Eagle's Claws
Zeo 3 Turns

Be An Animal
Flight Of Eagle
Hitman's Laught

Modified Reverse DDT
The Final Moment
X-treme Resort

Jason E. Johnson born in 06/19/1984, Curitiba-Brazil. His mother is a Brazilian woman called Simone, and his father, an canadian called William.
Jason lived in Brazil until 1992, when he and his family went to Toronto, Canada. There, he used to go to the gym with his father, who was a boxer, and for that reason, Jason began to enjoy the fights.
When He was 16 old, his father took him to watch a WWF show. It was in 1998 and Jason watched the show paying attention to every moves and finishers, He really liked that show. After the fights, His father talked to some wrestlers who he met when he was a young and introduced Jason to his friend from Calgary, Owen Hart.
Jason spent about 2 hours talking to Owen Hart, getting all the information and advices that he needed to start his journey to be a Wrestling star. The day after the show, Jason began to work out and train wrestling everyday.
On April 19, 1999, Jason watched another show of the WWF, and once again he went to talk to Owen Hart. Jason was looking for a name for his wrestler. Owen Hart suggested Might Eagle, because Jason was following his dream like an eagle hunting a mouse. Jason was thinking about the name for a while and in May 23, 1999, when Jason and His Father were watching the pay per view show on tv, They saw their friend flying to death, Jason decided to put the name suggested by Owen Hart in tribute to him.
Jason's Father died in 2004, but, before his death, his father taught a last move, the Agony of Defeat, however, William warned Jason about that move, he would never use that move, only in extreme moment. Jason wanted to make a tribute for his father and decided to change his name to Jazz Eagle, because his father was a big fan of Jazz Music.
Today, J. Eagle is a wrestling star and he never used the Agony of Defeat, until now.
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Jazz Eagle Gimmick!
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