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 Matt and chirs Rp

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the hitman chirs

the hitman chirs

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Matt and chirs Rp Empty
PostSubject: Matt and chirs Rp   Matt and chirs Rp EmptyMon Dec 07, 2009 3:45 am

-A clip starts playing,the Hitman Chirs comes down with a mic-

Jon Thomasson:"what is he doing out here"

Matt Hammond:"I don't know Jon but i guess he wont's to make a impact like he said he was going to do"

Jon Thomasson:"shhh,i trying to hear what he about to say"

The Hitman Chirs:"I wont one thing and that is to be respected so i make my self respected"

-Gets out the ring and picks up Matt Hammond and throws him and the ring-

The Hitman Chirs:"Jon you know what i wont"

Jon Thomasson:"I don't know what you trying to say but please don't hurt me"

The Hitman Chirs:"You will pay me now and that's a match"

-Then Jon Thomasson looks scared and falls back and pray The Hitman Chirs slaps Jon Thomasson and the face then out of no where Matt Hammond hits the Hitman Chirs and then knocks out Matt Hammond and go back to Jon Thomasson but sees Jon Thomasson Running for his life-

-The Hitman Chirs then pick up Matt Hammond-

Matt Hammond:"we share got him"

The Hitman Chirs:"No we got you"

-The Hitman Chirs picks up Matt Hammond while Jon Thomasson Comes back down and then The Hitman Chirs Slams Matt Through The Ring While Jon Thomasson laughing Away-

The Hitman Chirs:"Jon Thomasson Your Next"

-Jon Thomasson rans out the ring crying for his life while Matt Gets up and laughing with the Crowd
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Matt and chirs Rp
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