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 Card For 12-6-09

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Maverick Jones

Maverick Jones

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PostSubject: Card For 12-6-09   Card For 12-6-09 EmptySun Dec 06, 2009 5:42 am

Torture Night

2009-12-06 12:30

DARK MATCH Die Hard+Morion VS Estonian Maniac+RR
Torture Night Intro
Clevland Griffin vs. phenom13
I'm Calling you Out!
Jason Manson vs. Tank
Exploding into the Eastern Bloc.
Jason Campbell vs. Tenacious E
Interview with Maverick
Daxx vs. Strong Konna
Maverick Jones vs. Fede
Walking These Streets Alone.
X-COLLISION Qualifier Syndro Sanders vs. Galentio
X-Effect Merchandise Plug-In.
Eric vs. Jazz Eagle
Commercial Break Gag.
X-COLLISION Qual xXWhy So SeriousXx vs. UCB.
Day of Wreckoning Preview.


Tickets Request: 3.555
Tickets Sold: 3.555
Tickets Income: 35.550 fantaeuros
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Card For 12-6-09
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