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 Interview with Maverick

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Maverick Jones

Maverick Jones

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Interview with Maverick Empty
PostSubject: Interview with Maverick   Interview with Maverick EmptyThu Dec 03, 2009 9:46 am

--The cameral pans to the back and shows Allysa Stone with Maverick. She begins asking questions.--

Allysa:So Maverick, last week you became the first ever World Of Torture Champion. Any comments?

Maverick:Oh, it feels amazing. I never thought that in my second week of being apart of Torture Night I would find myself the World Of Torture Champion. It's unimaginable.

Allysa:And about you opponent last week, Clevland Griffin, he said he would use his V.I.P. pass to face you for the title, are you scared?

Maverick:Me? Scared of Clevland? Now that was a joke! Ha ha ha ha ha! He better just stick to his little belt with the barbie stickers on it. It will work because no one will want to be called the World Panzie Champion, so he will have that title to himself. Honestly, am I supposed to be scared of a guy who calls himself a champion and wears a cardboard belt with barbie stickers on it? No!

Allysa:He also has the aid of Phenom 13 and xXwhy so seriousXx, will that be a problem?

Maverick:Ha ha ha! Another joke! On the serious side I have to say no because to tell you the truth I haven't heard of either one of these guys before Clevland saying they were helping him. Expecially that guy called Why so serious. I mean seriously? I'm sure the Joker was taken but there's a time when you should just give up on the idea. I'll be like Batman on him. And for you Clev, if i see either one of your nuthead partners in crime, I will deal with all three of you in my own personal way.

Allysa:Alright one last thing and I will let you go. I noticed you handsign in the ring, what does that stand for and what exactly is it called?

Maverick:It's called The Ups. It stands for what I do. When I throw up that handsign it means I'm going strait up. It's metephorical.

Allysa:Well I would like to thank you for you time Maverick. Good luck in your match tonight as one of the special guest referees tonight in UCB's and Why so serious's match.

Maverick:Thank you and anytime.
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Interview with Maverick
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