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 The drunk return?

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The drunk return? Empty
PostSubject: The drunk return?   The drunk return? EmptyFri Nov 27, 2009 12:17 am

-- It's a dark room with many with a glass with rum in hand was Pauzudo. After your lasf federation broke he starts to drink because the market is too much competitive and his hope is becoming low. Some one enter in the room. A face the he already saw before --

The Show Stopper: Man, you're wasted. What happened with the guy that i've known?

-- Pauzudo looks to a chair at this side and TSS sit there --

Pauzudo:: Whatever you going to say, say fast. I have another rum bottle to drink.

The Show Stopper: Don't be fool! You really think that drink you resolve all your problems? I came here to invite you to wrestle with us. Next time a come here and you is handling a rum bottle I just turn back, ok?

Pauzudo: this is not a good joke to do to a man holding a glass bottle!

The Show Stopper: I will send you the documents to our fed. If you want see that is not a joke come to the show wrestle sunday. Good day for you

Pauzudo: When leave close the door!
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The drunk return?
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