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 Kiss My Irish ***!!! 24\11\09

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Shawn Morgan

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Kiss My Irish ***!!! 24\11\09 Empty
PostSubject: Kiss My Irish ***!!! 24119   Kiss My Irish ***!!! 24\11\09 EmptyWed Nov 25, 2009 4:29 am

The segment starts backstage, wille Allysa Stone was finished with an intreview she saw Shawn Morgan and decided to get make him some questions.

Allysa Stone:
Excuse, Shawn? Shawn Morgan?

Shawn turns and wenn he sees who was calling him, he puts a smille on his face.

Shawn Morgan:
Who do we have here? A preety face like yours calling my name only means one thing...

Allysa Stone:
Yeah it means i want an intreview with you big boy! How about doing a girl a favor and answering me some questions?

Shawn Morgan:
Well lass any favor you want.

Allysa Stone:
Shawn you had your debut last week an unfortunately you loss, any words about that?

Shawn Morgan:
One can't win them all, it was a heck of a fight, and that's all that is to it. I wouldn't want it any otter way.

Allysa Stone:
So does that mean that you don't care if you win or loose?! Don't you want to be a champion? I mean all the other guys here want the belt more then anything in the world!

Shawn Morgan:
Lass what's your name? No wait, don't answer i don't really care. Let me tell you this, i'm here cause the boss promissed me some decent fighting, and that is all that matters for me, sometimes you winn and sometimes you don't. And about the belt, i know that it's a long way to the top. The more people i fight with, the better i get, and if there are three things that i do best is, drinking, fighting, and the other one i can show you latter.

Shawn not waiting for a reply starts turning to leave, but Allysa still had something to say

Allysa Stone:
Intresting, but no thanks, lets just say i'm not easily impressed. Do you have something to say to your opponent tonight or to the guys in the looker room?

Shawn Morgan:
Oh, you want some words, how about this. You can all Kiss Me Irish ***!

Shawn turns and walks away.
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Kiss My Irish ***!!! 24\11\09
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