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 Living for the Repayment

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JayZon "Overkill"


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PostSubject: Living for the Repayment   Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:51 am

-- Kanetaker walking backstage, looking for someone. He sees a cameraman and walks up to him to ask him to ask him if he can help
him. --

Kanetaker: Hey, you there. Can you help me times evenly?

Camera Guy: Sure. So, what's the matter, kid?

Kanetaker: Well, I'm looking for Underkane......... You know him... Looking like me, only taller...

Camera Guy: Yes, I think he came over here, only a few minutes ago I think.

Kanetaker: Thanks dude. Well then, I'll...............

-- Suddenly, Kanetaker is rammed hard on the soil by a masked guy. The Masked Guy is attacking him and stomping hardly on him. --

Camera Guy: Yo dude, stop this or I....

Masked Guy: Or what mister?! Fooling around with someone who will destroy you?? Come on and give it a try, fool.

-- The Masked Guy continues to stomp on Kanetaker. He search for a steel chair and is continuing striking on Kanetaker. Suddenly, he stopped and goes a few steps away from him. Then, he takes off his mask and shows his true Identy. --

???: Yeah, unbelieveable, he? It's me, JayZon !!

JayZon "Overkill": Kanetaker, this was only the beginning of the torture for you and your original, Underkane....... Maybe, but only maybe, you are overplanning you're idea. Then you won't going to be destroyed like that. Notice that, fool!

-- JayZon "Overkill" goes away.--

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PostSubject: Re: Living for the Repayment   Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:49 am

--the same camera man walks into underkane's changing room, the look on his face tells underkane all that he needs to know, as underkane runs off and finds kanetaker, who is lying on a stretcher--

kanetaker: Jayzo....*cough*

underkane: Don't speak you will be fine by next week, I won't stop until I get that scum, that less then human Jayzon "Overkill" on that stretcher. Heed this warning Jayzon "Overkill" I want you in an ambulance match at our first PPV. I want you to be so hurt that they have to drive you straight to hospital.

--underkane starts running and eventually makes his way to the ring--

underkane: JayZon "Overkill" i am going to show you how much pain I can take, and how much I can afflict!

-- underkane slides out the ring and pulls out a table, he then sets this table up on the outside and sets fire to it. Underkane then rolls back into the ring and does a plancha out of the ring and thorough the burning table, not content with that underkane then gets a bag out from under the ring. Underkane goes back into the ring and turns the bag upside down spilling glass and thumb tacks into the ring. He then goes to the top rope and performs a shooting star press onto the glass and thumb tacks.--

underkane: That is not even pain to me JayZon. But for you, that would kill you. THIS IS MY TIME FOR REVENGE!!!!!!!

--the camera goes black--
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Living for the Repayment
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