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 A New Begining

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under cover brother

under cover brother

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PostSubject: A New Begining   A New Begining EmptySat Nov 21, 2009 9:19 pm

--Suddenly the arena lights go out and a message appears on the titantron that say "OH YEAH, HE'S HERE!!! IT'S GOING TO BE A NEW BEGINING HERE AT X-EFFECT WRESTLING!!! The lights come back on and a man is standing at the enterance ramp."

Mystery Man: "Are you ready?"

--The fans look confused?--

Mystery Man: "So I guess ya'll don't know who I am. Let me introduce myself, I am the greatest in this buisness. I have held countless titles, I have been a hardcore champion, a light weight champion, a WORLD CHAMPION, but my greatest accomplishment was being a 3 time unified champ. So I bring my outstanding resume here to X-Effect Wrestling and I will help bring this fed to the top!!!"

--The fans start clapping.--

Mystery Man: "Many of you have probably heard of me, I am UNDER COVER BROTHER!!!"

Jon Thomason: "O MY GOSH, is this really true?"

Matt Hammond: "What? Who is this guy?"

Jon Thomason: "I have heard about UCB, he is great, nice to see him here on Torture Night."

UCB: "So I am here to help bring this fed to the top. I also want to pave my way into history, so I am issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back. Don't be afraid, I just want to see how great the talent here is at X-Effect, and I want to start my quest to a world title!"

--UCB walks to the ring and waits there until somebody answers the challenge.--
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A New Begining
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