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 Torture Night Intro.

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Jason Campbell

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Torture Night Intro. Empty
PostSubject: Torture Night Intro.   Torture Night Intro. EmptyFri Nov 20, 2009 1:12 am

--Nothing is heard except, silence, the camera fades in, inside the Manchester Evening News Arena, England. The Fans begin to cheer as the Theme tune is beginning to play ''Left Behind'' by Slipknot, the stage set-up is decorated with, a Red Postbox, and a Black Taxi. The video plays on the TortureTron, and a Pyrotechnic Display blasts up in a 'X' shape, 10x2 blast up for over 20 seconds, then, a new video and song play on the TortureTron and speakers, Omen by Prodigy and that of Jason Campbell, he spins whilst performing his famous Livewire taunt, various children, and women are screaming, as the Exception comes back to a place that means a lot, where his mother and father met.--
Jason Campbell: Well, Hello, Hello, Hello, I'm home, well almost,--Looks around--Nope, no Ginger-Haired Leprechauns here, ahh Oh well...
--Laughs are heard, and the Crowd cheers--
Jason Campbell: Later on, well we'll talk about 'Later On', later. But, now, This is gonna' be great, a whole action-packed night, including our first ever, 6-Man Battler Brawl, in which, there is a Cage surrounding the ring, outside the cage is a Barbed Wire Track, then another Cage, you have to climb over the first Cage, over the Barbed Wire, then over the outer cage, to win - But, there is a Catch, you can be pinned, and if you are you go inside a Penalty Cage, where you stay for 2 minutes...And well this leaves you at a disadvantage, doesn't it?
--Crowd shouts 'YES!', Jason smiles and begins to talk again on his Microphone--
Jason Campbell: Yes, of course it does. The General Manager, will be announcing the participants through-out the night, and well one, well two things really, The second--Waves hands, as if meaning everyone, or talking to everyone-- isn't as important, well we were thinking, we're in England - so what can we do to make this Match mean something to the locals?? Well we thought we'd kindly incorporate English Style things, as in, a Red Double-Decker Bus at the front of the cage, where you enter. Also, every two minutes weapons will be thrown in, Red Post Boxes, Tea Cups etcetera, and the more important thing, the winner - will get a shot at a title of his choice which lasts until the PPV.
--Crowd Roars with approval--
Jason Campbell: ENJOY!
OORP: Include as many high levels as possible, Eric, I'd put; Yourself, JM, and others around that in it, we could just make the match a One VS One I.e: you VS Jason Manson, and then I'll edit in the other parts, If thats okay>? DON'T PUT ME IN THIS MATCH THOUGH, I have other plans for my storyline, which if you want to know I'll PM.
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Torture Night Intro.
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